In discussion with our neighbours on the Public Liaison Committee, we’ve agreed to cancel this year’s Open Houses. Usually held in July and August, we’ve found them to be a great way to connect with our neighbours, show them around the site, and answer any of their questions. However, with COVID19 precautions so important right now, we think it’s best to postpone until next year. Of course if anyone has questions or concerns, we’d be happy to answer them at any time. Just call or email. Thanks.


Blue Mountain Open House

Wednesday August 16, 9:00 AM & Saturday August 19, 9:00 AM

Unimin Canada Ltd. welcomes Kasshabog Lake Residents, the Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen, and members of aboriginal communities associated with the Williams Treaty including the Curve Lake First Nation, the Hiawatha First Nation, the Alderville First Nation and the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation to any of 2 Open Houses at our Blue Mountain Facility. The Open Houses will include a discussion on improvements to our environmental footprint including noise and dust controls; the long-term plans under consideration for the operation; and a tour of the site. A Question & Answer session will follow the presentation. Refreshments will be provided.

Participants are asked to access the Blue Mountain Plant by County Road 46 if possible. Public parking is available just outside the main entrance gate. Those who are attending from the Nephton access point are asked to assemble at the Nephton gatehouse (situated at the north end of County Road 6) at 8:30 AM and a bus will be available to ferry guests safely to and from the meeting room at Blue Mountain.

If you require more details, please contact:
Mikhail Clarkson, Plant Manager, at 705-927-2648 or


Two Unimin Canada photos selected for 2016 Wildlife Habitat calendar

MANKATO, Minn.—An amateur photographer and Unimin Canada employee has won placement of two photographs in the 2016 edition of the Wildlife Habitat Council’s “Corporate Homes for Wildlife” calendar and day planner.

Dianne Fox, an accounts payable clerk at Unimin Canada, captured on film a Red Fox kit and a Barred Owl, species which are found among other forms of wildlife on company property north of Havelock.

The winning images were chosen for their artistic composition and authentic interpretation of the natural world, and a total of 58 photos comprise the 2016 calendar. Unimin photographers placed a total of five photos in the edition.


Recent Upgrades to Dust Management

Since 2012, Unimin has invested over $1.6 million in new dust management technology and best management practices, such that the Blue Mountain site now exceeds all industry standards.

These include:

  • Started the sprinkler systems for the season at both Facilities
  • Increased the wetted area by splitting the tailings sprinkler line into two streams using a “Y” connection at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Applied calcium chloride dust suppression solution to access roads at both facilities
  • Assembled a team of individuals to create and implement a supplementary dust control action plan at both Facilities who meet regularly
  • Appointed staff to conduct regular monitoring at both facilities
  • Relocated tailings discharge to water-covered areas at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Closed off unnecessary and redundant roads and access points to reduce unnecessary usage of the tailings area at the Nephton facility
  • Applied coarse rock facing to the tailings dams at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Added wooden slats to fencing to supplement fencing already in place at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Flattened raised areas using heavy equipment at both Facilities
  • Extended the water line to the centre of the tailings area for improved irrigation at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Hydro-seeded and fertilized 10 acres of the tailings area at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Applied gravel topcoat to all tailings pond roadways at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Installed a commercial grade irrigation system including a high volume pump and water cannons
  • Expanded water cannon coverage to approximately 27 acres of the tailings area at the Blue Mountain
  • Installed a weather station for monitoring and forecasting temperature, precipitation and winds to better anticipate and address issues at both facilities
  • Installed larger nozzles on water cannons to improve overlap coverage at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Expanded the sprinkler system by approximately 10 acres at the Nephton facility
  • Ordered and applied a chemical dust suppressant, Enviro-Crust, at the Nephton facility
  • Provided weekly dust abatement progress reports to the Ministry;
  • Installed hose stations and sprinklers for wetting down areas outside of the main plant at the Blue Mountain facility
  • Obtained spare equipment to ensure the system could be fixed if there were mechanical issues

2014 Dust Control Measures and Monitoring

Cambium Inc. was retained by Unimin Canada Ltd. to conduct air monitoring for particulate matter at two (2) sampling locations in the vicinity of their Nephton and Blue Mountain Facilities. The objective of the 2014 Particulate Matter Air Monitoring Program was to measure particulate matter in a similar manner to the monitoring program completed by Cambium and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in 2012 and 2013. The three (3) main objectives of the 2014 Particulate Matter Air Monitoring Program were:

  1. To show improvement in particulate levels over those observed and measured in 2012 and 2013.
  2. To demonstrate compliance with Ontario Regulation 419/05 standards and the Ambient Air Quality Criteria.
  3. To achieve conditions that are satisfactory to the medical officers involved with respect to the health of the area residents.


Acoustic Audit Report for 2014 (Note: PDF is 113mb; please be patient)

Unimin Canada Ltd retained Cambium Inc to conduct an Acoustic Audit Report. The purpose of the Report is to verify that the facilities are operating in compliance with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change sound level limits as outlined in NPC-300 – Environmental Noise Guideline (Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 2013), NPC-103 – Procedures (Ontario Ministry of the Environment), and NPC-233 – Information to be Submitted for Approval of Stationary Sources of Sound. (Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 1995). The results of the Acoustic Audit confirm that the operations as measured and observed by Cambium at the Blue Mountain and Nephton Plants are in compliance with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s sound level limits.


Unimin In The News

Unimin eyes closing Nephton mine, modernizing Blue Mountain operation

Havelock- “The merchants get kinder and kinder and the items get bigger and bigger,” said Marilyn Davison, organizer of Community Care Havelock’s much-anticipated festive toonie auction and luncheon.

The event in its eleventh year is the Havelock office’s largest fundraiser and it was a record-breaking success with $8,000 collected, topping their goal of $7,000 and eclipsing the $6,100 raised last year. In 2014 the event pulled in $3,700.


Opening opportunities for our staff

Creating multiple employment opportunities for any worker who may be displaced by the changes we are making to our two plants is a key part of Unimin’s Canadian Nepheline Modernization strategy.

So, when several long-term employees recently retired from our Nephton plant, we filled their positions internally by creating six journeyperson apprenticeships – four millwrights and two sheetmetal workers.

We could have hired semi-skilled labour from outside the company to fill those gaps. But that’s not what our modernization is about. And it’s not what we stand for.

Instead, we’re giving junior employees additional training today that will serve them well tomorrow in securing good jobs either with our modernized mining operation or elsewhere.

We’re opening avenues to opportunities. It’s part of our commitment to our team.


Professional Drivers and Good Neighbours

In the plant and on the road, safety is a top priority for Unimin. So is being a good neighbor to nearby residents.

When our neighbours asked that our truck drivers show extra caution when driving on local roads, we responded. New and clearly marked signs reinforce our commitment to getting everyone home safely.

Recently installed signage for drivers to ensure they respect area neighbours’ right to safe roadways